jeddah and forex

Jeddah - Pearl of the Red Sea

Jeddah is the principal port city of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. It is located in the province of Hijaz. (English transcription: Jiddah or Jeddah and another spelling: Jidda, Jeddah, Jeddah, Djeddeh, Jeddah)

In the census in 2004 had 2,801,481 inhabitants Jeddah, in 2007 it was 3,002,839. Jeddah on the Red Sea and is the gateway to Mecca, the religious center of Islam, which is located about 72 km east of the interior. Every year is a huge flow of pilgrims there, mainly from Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Unlike in Mecca in Jeddah always welcome visitors of all religions. In the local population, there are many Africans, Persians, Turks, Yemenis and Indians. Most work in the oil industry. There are also notable exports other than petroleum, it does not, many goods are imported to supply the pilgrimage.

Forex ? What is really ?

The Forex market (Forex Exchange Market) is the international market for foreign exchange transactions. He is not tied to any commercial space, it exists online initiated by various Internet banks. Unlike the stock market so there is no stock exchange. Totzdem the forex market is worldwide with a daily turnover of about 2 trillion U.S. dollars of the largest commercial center.

With Forex, it is also possible private investors, to be achieved by Kurschwankungen the international currency market gains. In an exchange transaction the investor buys and sells in different currencies. He speculates on a favorable exchange rate between two currencies, by the Kurschwankungen intelligently exploits to his advantage. The actions of currencies is done in pairs. This means that you can always just exchanging one currency against another exactly. Thus, the nature of the entry of the courses in Forex, which are therefore set as the currency pairs is explained, for example EURUSD 1344. So after writing this one is worth $ 1344 €. The technical term for combined currency pair is 'Cross'. Those 'Crosses', which are traded on Forex are most frequently as 'Major' is defined.